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BABS gift imageEvery person is dancing to their own drummer. They are all dancing to their own gifts, challenges, lessons and potentials. Recognizing that fact is an important step in relating to other people. This book is to help people understand that everyone has their own way of communicating, their own way of expressing and receiving information and love. Your communicate style will be masterful and people will more likely feel seen and/or heard if  you are using language that reflects who they are. Words and phrases are included in this book for every heart line type to help you get started.[/text_block]


About Sandra Edwards

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Sandra Edwards is a certified intuitive Hand Analyst. She focuses on life purpose discovery and personality style rather than prediction of the future. Helping people through life transitions is Sandra’s mission.

If you’re ready to dive deep into your purpose, life challenges, and amazing gifts right now, contact Sandra to schedule a reading. She can do it in person or, if you’re not local to the San Francisco Bay area, it can be done over the phone or Skype (She’ll send you a handprint kit that you’ll return to her to get started.)